Be visible webinar replay


Wednesday 27 May 2020 saw Becky Simms, founder and CEO of our search partner Reflect Digital, deliver a 30-minute webinar focussed on how search is a huge opportunity for both B2C and B2B insurance companies. The conversation was hosted by our Greg and covered:

  • The insurance search landscape and opportunities 
  • What is search?
  • The building blocks for success
  • The London Market landscape
  • What does Google most care about?
  • How can you make content visible?
  • What is link building?
  • What is paid media?


Reflect Digital is offering an online visibility audit that will deliver a report showing where you sit vs your competition and the scale of the opportunity for you. Complete the form below if this is of interest to you.

Links to resources discussed within this presentation are below:

A full recording of the discussion is available to view below.