Time plans to get your brand ready for marketing


How ready is your brand for your next marketing push? How long will it take to get it more ready? And how would having a complete brand help you make the most of your marketing budget? This page is here to answer those questions. And to equip you with three time plans to get your brand ready for marketing. They're all in our Excel template, ready for you to download now.

How ready is your brand for marketing?

Depending on the size and maturity of your business, your brand will already have certain elements in place. Like your visual identity, the logo, colours and typefaces. It might have other elements that are sort of there - things like values, vision or mission. But they may have been a bit forgotten. And it might have others that haven't really been looked at, like purpose, personality or proposition.

How much time does it take to get more ready?

We've put together three time plans to get your brand ready for marketing. The template itemises each of the elements within a living brand framework, defines their role, and gives you a realistic time frame for developing each one. The tabs are titled, Light, Regular and Bold, which help to guide you on which brand elements to concentrate on first, based on your brand's state of readiness, and on how much time you have.

How will developing it give your marketing plan more punch?

When you have a complete brand framework you are better able to articulate why your business is different to the other options available in the market. So, the degree to which your brand is complete will impact the power with which you are able to communicate. Or, to put it another way, the more brand elements you have working together, the clearer you will be about what your marketing should be saying. Within the spreadsheet you'll find the role each element plays in helping you communicate more effectively with your audiences.

What's in the download?

The download is in Excel format. It contains four tabs. The first introduces you to what's in the document and directs you to either the Light, Regular of Bold time plan depending on how much time you have before you next marketing push. Each plan itemises the elements we think will suit you best and explains how they help you. If you want to find out more about an element there are links that will lead you to more information. Connected with each element are the stages you'll need to go through along with an idea of how long we would normally allow for each.