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Is your brand fighting fit?

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Building a brand that people can believe in is perhaps the most valuable thing a business can do. When a brand has a clear purpose that runs right through an organisation it wins hearts and minds, both inside the business and out there in the market. That’s the definition of a living brand.

The 10 components to a living brand

A living brand has 10 components, which when fully developed and integrated can be used to guide everything from business strategy, to product development, to team management and through to business development.

What happens in the FREE brand audit?

The brand audit takes no longer than two weeks to complete and is made up of four parts.

The brand audit will help you identify which parts of your brand need strengthening.

Fact find

This is where we sit down with you and find out about your business. The questions we ask help us to evaluate the brand elements you already have in place, and the degree to which they’re developed.

Points of view

We send you a short survey for you to forward to your team and any clients or customers. This isn’t a satisfaction survey, it is simply designed to help us understand the first impressions people had when they came into contact with your brand, and whether that impression changed once they started working with you.


We review all that we have learned from you, from your team and your customers, as well as looking at the written and visual language you use on your website and in presentations.


Based on all that we have learned about you we score your brand against each of the 10 components producing a brand gap graph and your living brand points. At the end of the presentation we will advise you on next steps.


To request your brand audit, simply fill in your details and we’ll be in touch to set up a meeting.


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