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how A.I. and econometrics can play a role in guiding board decisions 

In this session with Lumilinks Founder, Gary Cole, we explored how insurance companies, large and small, can leverage data models and A.I.

Learn how to harness data and A.I. to enhance your brand, for immediate impact and sustainable growth.

In this session we discovered how:

  • Insurance businesses can use data dashboards to make better business decisions. 

  • Marketers can see which target audience and media channels will deliver the best return to enhance your brand.

  • Econometrics is accessible to businesses large and small and doesn't have to be a pricey and time consuming solution. 

The Offer

Lumilinks will spend 1-2 weeks understanding the best routes to take to harness your data. This consultation period will allow you to see how much value your data holds in guiding business decisions and the conclusive report will outline the steps you need to take to get going. 

£6,000 (50% discount to Free friends)

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