How to build trust with your messaging



Logic is where you win minds. Logic is the offer you present to the world in your value proposition. It’s the things you do that are different from what’s expected. Logic gives people a good reason to think you’d be a better option. Logic has to be present in your messaging.

But on its own it isn’t enough. Logic is dry, rational. Fine, if all you’re saying is 50% off. But if you only focus on logic, your business will be transactional, and your brand replaceable. Building trust needs more than that which brings us to the second ingredient, authenticity.



Authenticity is where you win hearts. Authenticity is your brand expressing a pure ideal. It comes from being crystal clear about why your brand exists. What it’s about. What its stance is. What it believes. What it values. It’s about coming from a place of truth that feels real and that points to an inspiring vision of the future that the business is working towards. It reveals your motivation.

So now, what you’ve got is a great offer (logic) from a great company (authenticity). The third ingredient (empathy) helps you fine tune your messaging to your audience.



Empathy is the bridge that bring hearts and minds together. Empathy connects you to what’s important to the people you want to build a relationship with. It’s about understanding what matters to them. What do they want? What’s in the way of their progress? People are very selective about what they give their attention to. But they always tune in to messages they think will help them survive and thrive. Empathy makes it about them, not you.

Playing it back in reverse order…

Empathy – We understand what it's like for you.

Authenticity – We're dedicated to making things better for you.

Logic – This is what we're going to do for you.

When your messaging contains these three ingredients, you will build trust in your brand. If you need any help with any of them, we have some frameworks to help you clarify what you should be saying. Reach out to the Free team.